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    Dear You

    Dear You,
    People have always tried to find the meaning of life. Our mythology says that it's all a lie. But lie, when associated with something, brings a strange negativity to it. Life isn't negative. It's beautiful.
    I have spent days thinking about what's a lie but still beautiful. And the only conclusion I could reach to is a "dream". Dream is the only thing I could find which isn't the truth but oh, very beautiful. Is life a dream? Well, what else could it be?
    Now that I've found the true meaning of life and I think about you, I feel it's all a dream – how I met you, how you came into my life, how I became yours and you mine. It's all a dream.
    You... are a dream. And, y'know, what else is a dream? Life. You are my life, always has been and always will be.
    Yours truly