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    I broke it down so you will understand it. Yes, I'm a classic gamer, but there is wisdom hidden in the video games we know and love. The one game that spoke to me deeply was LOZ: TP. If you are a fellow Zelda fan, you know what I'm talking about. Love, light, and truth to all of you.

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    Let's break it down...

    Poverty: In order to control the population, you dangle what the people need in front of them, asking for their surrender under the guise of cooperation...

    "turn on your own and you will be rewarded."

    They did it in ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Constantinople, Egypt, and others. Rulers drunk on POWER used poverty to get their way. Pay attention.

    Oppression: "A government big enough to give you what you want, is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."- Gerald Ford

    Let's fast forward. What are we facing in the years to come? We have a government big enough to give us what we need, but that's not happening, is it? We have been oppressed under the guise of obedience. And yet, what are we gaining? We lost more than what we can gain back...Getting it, yet?

    War: In order to suspend certain rights of the citizenry, the President AND the Chiefs of Staff have to agree congruently that there is a declaration of war. Check back on past Administrations. ANYTHING harmless that we do as people is grounds for them to violate our UNINALIABLE rights under the guise of the color of law. Is it sinking in?

    Erasure: We know what has been done over the last century, but they want to make it "comfortable" for the school system when it comes to history? The abused are not going to just forget about the abuses that have culminated over and over again. Whitewashing is their way of saying yeah, we did it and we will keep doing it because we can distort history and there will be none the wiser.

    Rhetoric: Look back on past speeches. Written and televised. Look at their faces. Look at their body language. While people suffered, they sat comfortably in their homes, their offices. Protected by luxuries and privileges. I can't stress this enough.

    To the ones who are STILL being brainwashed..."Those that don't know POWER will, in time, be ruled by it."- Lanayru, Lake Hylia, Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess.