• tejasjain_06 35w


    My buring thoughts have the flames of creativity,
    I get intimate with the prostitute namely society,
    The ashes from the fire of my mindset are words of liberal wisdom,
    No matter how much I control my self my vision is fixated on everything wrong with today's world,
    Everytime I cry my tears fall on empty pages of my dairy and create a true image of sorrows of every wronged soul of this realm,
    Help me to forgot like they all do,
    Help me to think that a social media post from me is all that I need to create a difference,
    Make me deaf to screams of women and little girls,I wish I could also be blinded by the flesh of a beautiful women or an ornament of gold,
    I dream of the day when I stop feeling this selfess strive to make people understand where and how wrong they are,
    Beacuse no matter how much I bleed, I cry or how many deaths I die,
    They don't care and they don't stop.