• weirdkorra 10w

    Art by Magimagali on Ig and tumblr
    #pod. #Mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeennetwork #readwriteunite #Writersnetwork #Milkshake #love #date
    #loveislove. I do not ship usagi and seiya I just used the picture as a writing prompt and I thought it was cute so I decided to make a poem about it.

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    🥤 Milkshake Date ❤️

    Make my heart melt please
    I’m so in love with you and your smile
    Like chocolate cake with M&Ms on top I can’t stop loving you.
    Kiss me when the world stops
    Sorry if I only got one for us to share
    Hold my hand as we both share it
    As we both drink though our color straws
    Kindheartedness person who eyes sparkle
    Everyone is looking at the both of us but
    I don’t care.
    Dance with me under the moonlight tonight
    And twirl me inside your warm embrace.
    Thank you for taking me to the diner for a milkshake.
    Evening was so magical.