• godofdisbelief 21w

    Thoughtful Freeflow

    *Thoughtful Freeflow* 10-29-19 1pm

    Tidal push and pulls of constant concious connection creates a chaotic quake In the traits I've traded for time to travel back and forth between trial and error....
    Till I'm terrified of being alive and realize every word out of my mouth creates a disguise so only I can see through these blinded eyes of mine.
    Life was about the hustle and grind till the mind rewinds and fast forwards in a split second of sublime signs.
    Silence is the most craved sacred sound when it comes down to our vibe and the lives that surround this mound of underground understanding of truth and lies.
    It isn't really US but the Life that's so demanding.
    We're still alive.
    Still standing.
    Always banding and handing
    Candy to 3rd eyes that crave a little more freehanding.
    Too many words to put into just one picture.
    I crave the moment when I can just sit there.
    To the beat of my own
    Flew through the Sun
    Just to evacuate Heaven with an empty shot gun.
    What's done is done.
    Live and be one.
    Love thyself.
    Love someone.