• deedee_ofili 10w

    Brushing your teeth so hard until you feel pain
    and see blood doesn't mean your mouth is clean

    But I had been on my knees for thirty minutes
    No, not praying like papa taught me to,
    I was eating from my mother's pot-
    The meat-filled pot nested between her legs
    with her hands on my head.
    And when I was done, I felt nothing.

    I needed to feel something.
    I always need to feel something every fortnight,
    when papa travels in his white garment to a distant land,
    Preaching against the Jezebels and the witches.
    I brushed harder.
    May be the pain will serve as punishment for this álù
    May be this time, when I kneel to pray,
    my bloody mouth will be made clean.

    (álù meaning abomination)