• __moonchild__ 10w


    Our timing never seemed wrong.
    But our choices were.
    I am stranded between the fate and our destiny.
    All we got is time, so why to rush?
    All we got is time so spend it with me.

    Let go of the what If's and focus on what is.
    You are the shore and Iam the sea,
    I'll always find my way back to meet you.
    But this time you've to find me.

    Don't let go of this opportunity.
    You know where to find me.
    It's better late than never ever.
    Another minute spend without you,
    Feels like a year without rain in a desert.

    Our timing never seemed wrong.
    If you love me then don't sloth,
    Comeback to me and make this wait worth it.
    Because time waits for nobody.
    //and if you don't we will blame it on time.