• marciemae2020 22w

    When life starts to get good again it's almost like happy tales that have sad endings. Tears pending awaiting to trickle down to form a river bed at your feet. Inhale your bad memories just to take the blanket and cover them up to forget. Rise from the depths of uncertainty to bring light back into a battle worth fighting, for the more I'm without you the more I want you and only you even though it's neither of our faults life gets in the way messing with our sanity, making us live the same day over and over again, at least, that's how it feels. I'm just begining to peek over the top of a hill, just so that I can tumble back down and climb my way back up again. Why do I do it? To prove that the fractured soul I carry on my shoulders, the scars I've received from every war with life won is better then
    a wallet full of cash and a silver spoon in my mouth