• sp_writes 51w

    - Part I -

    I think very few people have in them to make you feel as if you matter like life and death, that your word is the gospel, that without talking to you their day is incomplete and that with you, however shitty the phase they are in, they will handle anything. Anything.
    For too long, i have looked with a tired heart at those who have left me, treated me like shit, and made me beg to make them stay. I have fuelled so many Egos by now that i forgot that i too am a fully functional human with a self-respect and self-love. Yes, self-love because part of me wanting my tribe of people around and close is because i crave warmth and it is absolutely necessary for my self care.
    However, looking too long blinded me. I was looking at the wrong sort of herd. The wrong sort of pain-inflicting narcissists who were feeding on my ever giving attitude.
    And since i had decided to look beyond these energy vampires this year, i must adhere to my word. I am writer. I have to abide by words.