• waqarkhan54321 6w

    May Allah answer all of your prayers

    May Allah answer all of your prayers. May He purify the blood beneath all of your layers. I hope prayers can ease the pressure. And hopefully the peace you find will grant you pleasure. I know happiness is hard to find. But I know it'll be easier when you feed your mind. Mending your soul from this year's damage. I know life has been difficult to manage. But Allah will show you the right passage. So you can discard any excess baggage. Whilst the demons are locked away. Find a way to sincerely pray. Genuine repentance is important to find some salvation. And stay consistent to gain some elevation. I know deep down you're wishing for an easier life. But ease won't exist without first going through the strife. Be grateful to Allah for blessing you with lessons. Because it is through those hardships that will grant you ascension.