• littlebigwords 23w

    Years later

    Years later,
    I ran up the hill, but you weren't there;
    To lay beside me and watch the sky change hues.
    Years later,
    I stood in our Eden, but you weren't there;
    To take my hand in yours and tell what each flower meant.
    Years later,
    From the roof, I watched the city twinkle, but you weren't there;
    To give me the taste of my first love.
    Years later,
    I was in the seat right beside yours, but you weren't there;
    For our little conversations that kept me going through the day.
    Years later,
    I watched the ocean, as wide as our regrets, but you weren't there;
    To hold me close and whisper "it's okay."
    Years later,
    I sat beside you, as you eternally slept, and you were finally there;
    So close to me, and yet, so far away.