• ankit_dubey 50w

    New Year

    As we reach a new year, we talk about the old.
    The record beating summer, the winter & the cold.

    But what about the people who made it all worthwhile.
    Some of them made us cry, while others made us smile.

    But while each year progresses, we are learning from the last.
    Looking for a brighter future & forgetting the year gone past.

    It’s our past that makes the future or so i have been told.
    Maybe it doesn’t make sense yet but we will see it when we are old.

    So don’t just wish the year away and waiting for the new.
    A year is what we make of it and that’s up to me & you.

    Go enjoy the parties, celebrate the New Year in style.
    It’s up to us to enjoy it. So let’s make it all worthwhile.