• snehagarg79 9w

    Sir my concern is about online classes..

    Currently I m studying in Class 12th..Due to the pandemic, our school like others is conducting same online classes..But As its our 12th..I m not satisfied with the classes..The school is meant to make you able to fight the difficulties..but these online classes are just making us able to pass the exams..Sir we are facing a lot of problems Sometimes with network..or while using earphones..watching phones for continue 4 hours..It will not only affect our eyes or ears..but will also paralyse our mind too..With all this..school now needs fees..

    Why we can not let go this year,why can not we stop where we are, let this be a year gap..lets delete this year..Sir we want to study happily in fear free environment..not with pressure of exams..

    Sir , I believe that you will understand this concern..& will think about it...

    Praying Always for your good health

    Thank you

    Regards :

    Sneha Amit Garg