• magana_jnr 34w

    Baby Listen

    Listen, each day I try to listen to my heart, but it tends to be voiceless and empty
    I try to map out every possible way to start our love life
    Just like my heart is voiceless and empty so is my head when I think of you
    I'm always praying that the feelings I have do not depart

    Listen to my heartbeat
    Will you be the love of my life
    I want us to have control of our heartbeat so that they wouldn't beat apart

    Listen, with our heart we can build a love bridge
    We can also have trust in this thing called Love

    Listen I have ended up with the wrong people
    I feel like you alone can mend my broken heart each time I try to make my heart beat for you

    Listen to my heartbeat
    Tell me, will you be the love of my life
    Our heartbeat shouldn't beat apart