• ehteshamansari 5w

    Sound of your name! :,-)

    I still remember the sound of your name!
    It rings in my mind like a prayer wheel on a circular trail,
    Even though I have been busy and long apart,
    Trying my best to move away from pain,
    Being in loud places where it's even hard to hear someone calling your own name,
    But I still remember the sound of your name!
    Like a wave of long lost melodies traveling through my brain,
    Every note strikes so elegant and so gorgeous which leave me in a trip purely subtle and plain,

    It hurts so badly,
    Missing you out of proportion so madly,
    Missing your echoes and nibble on my ears when you had me!
    I still remember the sound of your name!
    No matter how hard I try to shake it off from my brain ,
    All my efforts are in vain.

    Walking on the same road we did before,
    Stoping by the same broken bridge we fooled around,
    Sometimes you reach me up unexpected!
    I hate it that I expect it and why am I still affected seeing you with someone else??
    I don't know if I want to forget or keep remembering the sound of your name!?