• itsrafiki 22w

    Large muscular hands on my tiny neck, he strangled me. I fought for my life. i kicked, i punched, i cried, i screamed and i yelled "Please forgive me"
    Why am i asking for forgiveness? Do i know this man? Why did he molest me? Why is he killing me?
    Every sort of frantic thought crossed my mind.
    My gaze fixed on his face; maybe he can show mercy on this frightened helpless little thing.
    I fight to speak, I fight to save my self, "Please" i begged and begged "Please." i still hear myself, my faint voice is so hoarse
    "Not today" he said with a grin, suffocating me.
    And that's it, an evil grin was the last thing I got before i closed my eyes.
    Closed my eyes and gave up.
    I tried to restrain, I tried to save myself.