• _sanjh 23w

    Their is something
    More than his passion
    That makes him sing
    His songs
    Make lovers cry
    And give them the fear
    Of separation
    His songs
    make the clouds cry
    The rain
    Full of pain
    His songs
    Make the sun burn
    Out of insecurity
    People find him talented
    But who knows
    The secret behind this
    The title of his song
    Must be relatable
    But the gist is not
    Because the gist
    Is not just a heart break
    Or pain
    It is the turning stage
    Of his compassion towards life
    Into ashes
    People say they fear heights,
    They fear water
    Actually everyone fears death
    But he is different
    Cause he fears the reason to live
    He lost his compassion
    Towards life
    And found a passion
    Towards death
    Which we all enjoy
    What shall we fear?
    His insanity
    Our humanity