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    Maya ~ the hypnosis

    Hypnosis means an unconcious state where your actions can be controlled by someone else . Moh - maya isn't the material word . It is being in state of hypnosis under the outside world . Enlightenment or Mukti is just being liberated from this hypnosis . Ego n dogma are two sides of the same coin , a result of this hypnosis . Meditation / Yoga simply connects you to the flow of the universe through you , which raises your awareness beyond this hypnosis . You can run from this hypnosis but you can't hide . All you can do is discover your real self , which is pure ecstacy , liberated from the chains of dogma . Sannyaas is not running away from this hypnosis , it is this phenomenon of being your ecstatic self liberated from hypnosis . When you are aware , when you feel more n accept yourself totally you transcend dogma . As the dogma dissolves , so does your ego dissolve n so does your personality . The barriers between your counscious n unconscious mind melt n you become total in life . You sync with life . You gain an equilbrium , which can just be discovered n not imposed . This is the paradox .

    © Parth Dewan