• mr_red_ 10w

    Movie review #GUMNAAMI

    So I witnessed a mystery. I was proven completely wrong that BOSE (dead or alive) is similar to the movie GUMNAAMI, the both the storyline is completely different. Srijit Mukherji this name and durga puja is emotion. This man writen the screenplay, dialogues, story also done the directions. After seeing the movie I came to known that why their is so much of conflicts. Their is Cut to Cut dialogues. And the man Bumba da is tremendous with his role. Then another man Anirban Bhattacharya this man is the diamond in the coal, witnessing such movie is pleasure. Last but not the list It has a cliffhanger ending.
    (* want to know the truth of " The" Subhas Chandra Bose then spent bucks on the nearest theaters)