• katryn_ann 5w

    Blood pumping through her veins
    Adrenaline fueling her steps
    Fear overcoming the pains

    Eyes wide in fear
    Looking behind every corner
    Praying to God, that those boys disappear

    Tears running down her face
    Hurrying forward
    Blindly trying to escape the place

    But alas! It was fate
    The boys caught her
    With their hands trying to clutch at her waist

    Something flashed through her mind
    Her father's words!
    That was all the strength she had to find

    Pushing those hands, that were astray
    Kicking and scratching them
    And cursing them away

    Soon, a crowd gathered
    Catching the sight of those boys running, and questioning
    But now she can not be bothered

    Because now she understood
    The weight of her father's words
    "Courage is in every woman's blood."

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    "Courage is in every woman's blood."