• alisdaire_ocaoimph 5w


    Shema Yesreal

    O deep the long embrace
    That here these lands grace
    Trace upon the ancient story
    These lands sacred, Holy.

    I hear in the faded words that etch
    Upon the windows of the soul
    The story dressed full and we'll
    Like an ancient spell crafted deep
    That pours out from these fields
    Of ancient Kings and prophets old
    That dreamed it's being, heard it's tale
    Danced the structured life around
    The sacred Ford, the heavens glory
    Fashioned upon laws written, oral
    The words of a God before it's people
    The blessings of the eternal moment
    That here consumes these lands
    To trials of humanities being
    Before the sight of an almighty
    For here has flowed along with the honey
    The deep dark liquid red of life
    Each drop soul filled to the being
    And stained deep these sacred rocks
    To the faded cries, aye the ghosts
    Of the ancestors that beg eternal the rest
    Who hears upon the wailing wall
    The begs for help, the fading plea
    Or upon the temples mount
    Hear Muslim prayers upon vibrating
    Provisions of ancient hebrew priests
    For it is not by our faith these lands hold
    But by our prayers that lift each according
    To their love of God.
    In truth these lands have been violated
    By our self indulgence, our quest
    To.prove which God is stronger
    All to God's questioning "why".


    For we come here as a race
    The human race by which we trace
    The sweet song of our Lord Almighty
    We dance the words of belief
    Upon the treacherous reef
    Of man made dogma
    Without glimmering from the word
    That God is One.

    Here O Isreal, the Lord your God, the Lord is One.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph