• chazzychazz 5w

    Don't Say

    Sometimes i feel like you are the one following
    Sometimes i just feel like living under feet
    Sometimes i regret for the things i did with you
    Somehow i wanna hush your mouth.
    Apologize to what i've been
    Apologize for building screen
    I need a chance to be unglued
    Apologize for the space between
    Apologize for getting spinned
    You'll change into an evil soon
    Sometimes i attract the fault i did in the past
    Sometimes i point out you to be one of them
    Sometimes i regret the time i've spent with you
    Somehow i'm dragged into a truth.
    You are never gonna be the same
    Broke many promises than mistakes
    I had to brake the string from you
    Attention on my negatives
    Provoking thousands of conflicts
    Your intentions were too much pure
    I won't beg you more, anymore
    I'll fade my path from the door
    But i only want your fate
    To be recked and devastated.
    Forget our memories
    Forget what i thought of you in me
    I'm not a dancer on the floor
    Let the winds pass by between
    Take all the words you left for me.
    Sometimes i trust in the mirror when broken heart
    Sometimes i just feel i'm canvas of your art
    Sometimes i'm in this belief that i did it real
    Somehow you prove it wrong.