• sad_poett 10w


    As I walked out of the door
    I could feel your pain
    I could feel every inch of it in my body
    Your eyes gave you away
    You were breaking apart by just the look of you
    You wanted me to tell you all this was a nightmare
    That whatever was happening now was just a bad dream

    I looked at you in the eye
    I wanted to throw away my suitcase and run back to you
    Wildly and give you that hug we both really needed
    Right here right now
    But I couldn't
    I had made a vow
    A vow that you would come before me
    And here I am fulfilling every promise had made

    I could not love you
    Not in the way you deserved to be loved
    So how long was I going to cage you with my wild pleasures that only made me complete and not you
    Such a precious dime like you deserved love and in plenty
    It was cold
    I was feeling cold yet I was only a few steps away from you

    This is for you
    I hoped that if not soon
    One day you'll turn around and see what good my departure did to you
    But right now
    I know your heart feels betrayed
    Feels lost
    What is it that you did wrong

    It is not you
    It is me
    So I need to put you before me
    And give you to the world
    Maybe out there you will get the love that solemnly longed for
    When I was your 'Domme'