• kuttymappu26 36w


    God sent you to me as a special gift from above
    Just as God came down to say
    He just gave one of his Angels away.
    To prove to him and make him see,
    That this angel was my destiny.
    To teach me life's lessons and shower me with your love
    she shows me my potential, all that I am worth.
    When I am sick she heals me and makes me feel all-better,
    and makes sure that in times of need that we are all together.
    My angel has raised me to be good and kind,
    and makes sure that I have a strong and intelligent mind,
    my angel is my guardian.
    my teacher and my friend,
    Because of you It's hard for me to love another person.
    Because of you It's hard for me to have faith in people.
    Because of you It's hard for me trust a soul.
    Because of you I must remain a motherless daughter.
    Because of you It's hard for me to open my heart to others.
    A special bond we shared like no other
    For this is possible for only Daughter and Mother
    I thanked God for each day we were able to share
    But without you in my life it is too difficult to bear!!