• himynameisghost 5w

    50 Shades of Lies

    I'm losing sight, my mind coming unglued for the 50th time

    Am right about these upcoming tides?

    I get left with these untold lies, from seeing right through your eyes

    You better abide or else these demons will eat you alive inside, causing mayhem and fire within your mind

    My hourglass ran out of time, I try to flip it for more of your chimes
    One foot after the next i guess, I can't oppress this stress caused from the depths I've traveled less

    Back and forth i trudge, losing sight of the once told trust
    The deeper i settle in stone, the more I'm becoming a clone, Medusa's eyes won't leave you alone

    Being immune to your ability has never been so comforting
    It's almost as if i had mirrors in my eyes showing everything you touch just turns to wine

    I'm really running out of time
    These are facts and no lies
    When I'm gone you'll never understand why because you didn't take the time to listen and let me spill my mind
    Trust that i tried, actually i don't give two fu***, you don't understand why because you were never by my side

    I'm always on my side because I've been alone this whole time