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    Torn paper

    This is a torn up paper, most of the people would not use the paper because it is imperfect or they would fold it in half and use the better half of the paper.There would be some percentage of people who would make lines around the torn area and use it as some sort of rough paper.But never, it can be used as a perfect paper as it was before. What's the difference between a plain white and this torn up paper you may ask? You can write on both and it would hold equal significance. But the paper itself would have less significance than the normal paper.

    This is how society works.

    The people who are "torn up" or are unique are given less importance or the society would draw lines around them, so people cant interact with them.I think the society gives more preference to normal,clean and "ideal" paper as to "some" rough, crumbled and torn up paper. People always want to move towards idealism, but they don't know, society always contains outcasts, and these outcasts make a difference.

    Let's look at the brighter side, and include these outcasts which makes a better difference . Because a torn up paper is no less significant than a normal paper