• wordsleftunspoken 10w

    You wanted my position but you didn't know what it required. You thought that laying in bed with him every night, taking cute pictures, flaunting him around and sexing him good was all it took. But what comes with that? When he leaves not knowing when he'll return, not knowing where he was or who he was with. Blowing his phone up back to back because deep down inside YOU know he'll never change not even for you. You know the same way you get him is the same way you'll lose him. You thought I was stupid and clueless about you because I didn't press it like you do, but in actuality, I knew I wasn't strong enough to walk away yet so I "let him cheat in peace" and when I finally walked away you thought you won. You felt rewarded because you ruined what we had. When the truth is, I got the strength to love myself more than he'll ever love either one of us. I felt like it was your turn to have that headache, and it was your turn to experience the side that every girl thinks she wants, until she actually gets it. Yes it was hard for you on the outside looking in to see him love me, because of greed and envy, but it's gonna be even harder for you to THINK he loves you and then you realize you're just me all over again