• fletch 5w

    I'm a broken man
    Full of sin
    Cant escape all this hell I'm living in
    I turn to drugs
    To cope and deal
    But I know this wounded heart
    Can never heal
    I've written many letters to death
    Wishing I could just end it all
    To peirce the veil
    And take my final bow
    A curtain call
    This world will never be
    What I expected
    And none of my wrongs
    Can be corrected
    Forever afflicted
    Soul feels constricted
    Notions are guilt invaded
    My innocence jaded
    Weathered and torn
    Restricted by my mental disease
    Social insecurities
    Wither me to my bones
    Sometimes I get shaky
    Like I got the crohn's
    But it's really my crippling anxiety
    Getting the best of me
    Its testing thee
    Arresting me
    Subjecting to my impulse
    Taking orders from vanity
    An erosive parasite
    Losing all sanity
    Folding at the bend
    I break
    Molding another mend
    I take
    A sinner without a cause
    Rebel without a clue
    These afflictions haunt me
    As the demons sting is true
    Faded and out strung
    A sailors mouth with a wicked tounge
    God forbid I can just breath
    So I slay the words with a killer weave
    Tossing and turning
    Sleep is frail
    The dark consumes me
    But I cant pay no bail
    Innocence runs a muck
    Thinking I've earned a golden buck
    Yet I'm shit down outta my luck
    In dire straits
    And with hell in my soul
    I fear I'll never make the pearly gates
    So I lose myself losing all control
    Cant dig self out from a rotten hole
    Within my angst
    I'm just a burnt out molecule