• _nikita_p 5w


    Sunken eyes,
    Dried lips,
    Messy mind,
    Soiled face,
    Leisurely it comes,
    Crawls towards me,
    Swaddles my mind
    And then my heart,
    It Digs my thoughts
    Deeper and steeper,
    I scream out a sound of silence,
    And gradually I forget my presence,
    It's not a person anymore
    It's the burly unwillingness to do nothing,
    Which makes me quit,
    It seems like vaccuum
    Someone just placed inside me,
    My breathings are normal,
    but It whispers "you don't live"
    I search for single ray in huge emptiness
    More I run more darker it gets.
    I decide to open curtains,
    And let it all pass
    I try to hold myself then,
    And you see nothing lasts.