• fairy_tale 9w


    'No I am not sad!'
    Stiff movements.... why move at all?
    Weary heart and foggy memory; where did it all go wrong?
    Loose feelings toss you about in their court of mood-swings.
    Bad day!

    'No, I am not sad'
    Highly temperamental
    Expectancy level is nil
    Your thoughts move at unimaginable speed, you can barely catch your breath.
    The suffocation.... claustrophobic maybe?

    No, I am not sad!
    The hollow...
    Sinking and never wanting to get out
    Seeing yet lacking clarity
    Raging heartbeats you are not strong enough to tame
    Distorted images are leftovers of your ruined sight.

    'No, I am not sad!'
    The need for more darkness as you just can't get enough of what you already are or would be?
    The endless cravings for stillness as 'living in the moment' became excuses to just EXIST.
    Unknown voices clamoring for your attention,
    pleading for you to just give in to the aroma of death.
    A taste of it won't kill, right?

    Gravity fails you....
    The earth couldn't cushion your abrupt fall from grace to miserable. Such transition!
    You entrust your soul to the night,
    but the stars have become too weary of your moonlight tears... they can only help but cringe.
    And those tears never live long enough to tell tales.
    They do so well at showing how much they want out.... out of YOU.

    'I AM FINALLY SAD....'
    Limbo feels great to be in....
    The emptiness is relaxing
    Not having any rational reason to 'be there' tastes normal enough to make you moan.
    And normalcy seizes to be a priority anymore.

    Your saving grace was never you in the first place...
    You've just been a catastrophe waiting to happen..
    It took you long enough to realise that.

    Chew on that!