• kaushik_kurudi 9w

    People flow in and out the temple door
    Occasional happy but the sad ones come more
    Asking for a hundred things as if God is going to listen
    Chanting lines they don't understand because the elders told them so
    Say this mantra a hundred and eight times and your wishes will come true
    And temples are no more than wishing wells
    The deepest of words are useless if you can't reach the meaning
    If you're learning them by rote and not by heart
    Holiest of scriptures rendered waste by people reading and reciting over and over and over
    Trying to reach the magical number of repetitions
    Just because the elders said so
    The priest doesn't care to explain
    The people don't care to listen
    All the while claiming they're deeply spiritual and nagging the young ones to follow their footsteps without giving them a reason to
    No wonder people mock us for our beliefs
    We can neither defend nor explain them when we need to
    All this because the elders said so
    Do it because the elders said so
    Say it because the elders said so
    It's holy because the elders said so
    Worship because the elders said so
    The curtain of our ancestors is being eaten by the elder moths
    Evils leak through the holes
    Deliberate neglect
    And you dare blame the younger generation for this
    What use is your hollow pride after you lay waste to millennia old culture
    What use are you to us when you can't even give a reason other than the elders said so.