• shruti_bhatt 24w

    #garvugujrat @gujrati_network

    The language barrier will destroy the beauty of words arrangement, but I'm still trying to translate the poem:


    This pain is inevitable so don't try to cure me doctors..I have consumed poison believing that it's an effective medicine

    I betrayed just once but I paid so much for it whole life.. believing that I will regain the trust

    I separated from my caravan..you may believe that the reason is..I slept once believing that someone will care and awake me from sleep

    Don't be envious or attracted to my flower-like face, I have always got dew in my eyes , cause God believes I can endure

    I knew that the complains are false but they were done by 'him' ..so I accepted all the claims believing that he must be right

    I took back his memories and let him go .. believing that he will be happier with someone else

    For many years, I'm trying to complete my incomplete ("adhuri") life.. you can say by sighs or by believes..


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