• andyarora 5w

    My love

    I do not perceive her with my eyes , just that i counted her eyelashes
    We are completely different, just that our hair color and texture matches

    I do not like seeing her , but i have her as my wallpaper
    I am not crazy , but i can see her face even in a tissue paper

    I am not crazy about her , but i have her as all my passwords
    I do not admire her , but i listen her every morning not my sparrow birds

    I do not like her , just that i own a folder of her name
    I can't quit anything for her , just that i do not play my favorite game

    I do not waste efforts on her , but i managed to have 749 mb of her pictures
    I am not a fool , but i remember all her 7 pair of slippers

    I am color blind , but i identified her perfect porcelain skin tone
    And the very beautiful ring of rare blue sapphire stone

    My life is never a mess without her , just that i had spent four sleepless nights missing her
    Every one could see her reflection in my eyes , painful those days were

    I have got a girlfriend with chestnut brown eyes , and her indelible smile
    Every one gapes over her , who does not loves her marvelous dressing style

    I can live easily without her, just that i tried to commit suicide after our thirty nine minutes breakup
    I do not love her , just that every one else is as fake as their amount of makeup