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    If writer's block were a guy, He would have a really punchable face.

    That strange guy who's stands nearby, listening to your conversation with your friends, hemming and hawing with a dry martini in his hand?
    That would be him. Writer's block.

    At first he'd just annoy you (what IS this guy doing here?) but then he would slowly start dominating your thoughts and take over your mind, annoyance would pave way for unnervedness (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY DOIN HERE) and in the end, plain terror (AAGHHHKTVEKXH4BSODPWBFYEVS)

    If writer's block were a guy, he would be a person of few words and a lot (a LOT) of weird thoughts.

    Thoughts that would be refused to be put into words.

    If writer's block were a guy, he would be extrovertedly introvert; a paradox of misunderstood complexes.
    He'd approach you whenever he wants, (and mostly when you're having a good time) but if you confront him enough number of times to be accustomed to his presence he would disappear. And reappear much later, smiling.

    He's in my bedroom right now. Sleeping. (Hence me writing here is justified)

    But if I look back at him and the effect of our encounters, nothing but a breath or whisper comes to mind.

    I feel pity for him. Empathy, even.

    Because this is a guy who makes millions of writers lose their crap by just being there for them.

    If writer's block were a person?

    He'd just be like me.

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    If Writer's block were a guy