• unforeseen 9w

    Damaged or So he taught he was

    Oh how foolish he was, to feel he had gotten to the point where he couldn't be fixed..

    Deep down in his heart, he felt like breaking the world into micro pieces.. And leave what's left behind for the wind to blow away.

    But blinded he was by his anguish. His sigh was clouded by his grief, truely he had completly lost all hope and drowned in his despair..

    They all tried their best to lift the stone that crushed him, but all were to no avail. For though they had succeeded in removing it... the wounds from the impact may eventually heal, but the scars would forever be crystal clear...

    But when he saw someone more broken than he was, yet full of joy and happiness.. his blindness was demolished.. he became in a state that words can't explain... He realized that he had been completely ungrateful and had totally lost the sense of living...