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    Something I would like to share this morning with my fellow followers. I have been blocked on Instagram by two accounts which I was following for couple of days. Apparently this morning I saw some pictures of hatred that were being circulated and requested the commenters to maintain peace and harmony and not spread so much hatred as you never know who might turn into the next JOKER. I justified what the police did in jamia was wrong but also so we're the protestors burning buses. Tali kabhi ek haath se nahi bajti. So now I am dayummmmmm confused on what's happening, should I not question everyone and everything or should I become a silent spectator and see the country being burnt??? On one post there was a person who commented that he has never felt so scared in our country before and all I told him was that maybe he wasn't born in 1984, 1990, 1992, and lastly during emergency of Indira. The problem is if we question andh bhakts then they troll us and if we question university students then they also troll us, so whom can I person who goes by his own counsciouness question then, the PRESIDENT... ???