• storytellersuchismita 9w

    Those Tricycle Times

    Those tricycle times
    Passed long ago, but still alive
    In every mirage of childhood diaries.
    Flashbacks come like magic
    Spelling over my mind to crave again
    Hardly & strongly to cherish them back.
    Sanely-insane dipped love in rainbows
    Traced shimmery happiness in ice-creams & chocolates.
    School days were beyond the fun
    Where recess germinated new saplings of friendships.
    Today, crossing through the memory lanes,
    A gust of mourning wind beckons me to revert back,
    Alas! Can't go back to the funny rides of merry-go-round
    slippery slopes or, to the swings of children park;
    Day by day, crinkled memories supposed to make me
    weaker ,as burden of adulthood spurns my glee.
    Nights aren't filled with redolent lullabies or dreams,
    But the horrific nightmares of hectic schedule haunt me.
    Those tiny footsteps were so sync
    With the tunes of my lost charm & ultimate ecstasy.
    When the dung of the world engulfs my shady mind,
    I always surrender my soul to those happiest tricycle times.