• craigcryan99 42w

    I'm sorry I got too close to you like a fly get's way too close to a web,
    Almost life changing and suicidal...
    Wouldn't be me;
    Except I really got caught.
    Trapped in your silkiness, and trapped in my mind,
    Trapped in the capped concentration of whatever you could find
    About me.
    Blaring 'Life's a Bitch'
    Nas telling me how it is.
    No way out of the truth unless I lie to my own face.
    A true business man, but I'm fighting my own case.
    Real to myself, but I'm my own disgrace.
    I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry you're a 20ft fence;
    I can't get over you.
    I wish you always knocked at,
    and kicked down my door:
    Like you were a Jehovah shoe.
    Frank Ocean and late night reflections;
    What's the point of truth?
    Cause it feels like you're the worlds best defender;
    Blocking every shot I shoot.
    I'd dig down to the depths of Youtube;
    If 'amazing' was a vine,
    You'd probably be the root.
    You're rich in beauty;
    A treasure I'd want to loot.
    You dress humble, yet smart;
    A combo that I'd think would suit.
    If Adam and Eve's tree really existed;
    You'd be the forbidden fruit.
    Because I can't have you.
    Since the rest are mediocre;
    You'd be the only the 10/10 movie
    that I can view.
    You're so amazing that if you split in half I'd gladly have two of you.
    Buy a brand new mirror and look at you.
    What a stimulant it is.
    No Amphetamine... no Ketamine.
    Greed is labyrhintine.
    If a teen of nineteen is keen on contravene,
    Then it would be absolutely obscene if I abandoned liberty.
    I have to clean up my act if I want to put on a salubrious scene.


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