• flamingcastles_ 6w

    On the days, when I don't want to wake up
    And the mornings are not welcoming enough
    I hide my foiled face in the squishy blankets
    And I cry my heart out until I get all at sea
    That why my heart never appeals to any glee
    On the days,when I say whatever it takes
    I have to muster courage for my own sake
    And I stand in front of the mirror and ask
    What is so imploring in the everlasting zest
    Can I take a break,can I let my heart rest
    On the days,when I finally dare to write
    And my soul wants to shine a little bright
    The spaces between the words in my poems
    They depict the emptiness my heart owns,
    The torpidness in my veins and my bones
    On the days,when I get frazzled and wild
    I fill those spaces with words of wrench
    In my hysteria, I always break my crayons
    With that, all my halcyon moments are gone
    Just like the dark overshadowing the dawn
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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