• fr0stic 10w


    Once crossed my path,
    A female.
    Engulfed with wanders,
    Too wonder-less,
    To be considered.
    I knew her by her words,
    Fragrance too.
    She had so many reasons,
    To steal my heart "that time".
    Ever since I stumbled into
    Her first metaphor,
    I knew she was more
    Than just sunshine,
    In a tornado.
    She was something for the times.
    Held her hands,
    I tried.
    Besiege her heart,
    Eternity had it's reasons "that time".
    To this day,
    My name, void, and universe,
    She linger about.
    She felt connected somewhat,
    To something she knew
    Had the capacity,
    To decipher her blood moons,
    And tame her tempest.
    She knew I was something,
    She'd love to be dear to.
    A close friend,
    No lover.
    She felt my pulse.
    Knew my heartbeat.
    Discovered that broken instruments,
    Have their grid.
    She cared.
    She do.