• jonesstyles 10w


    Ass up, chest resting a pillow. I don't dare move an inch while he working the middle. Make it sizzle, hotter than a missile. He makes this pussy so wet, its about to be a drizzle.
    He's caught the rhythm, rocked it like a baby. Right now I need that harder beat, don't treat me like a lady.
    I throw it back, make it clap, make it jiggle. He speeding up the beat, while I'm trying to match his tempo.
    Back arched, legs spread, he's got a clear view. He loves to see me grip the sheets while he's checking out the rearview.
    Then comes his tongue around my clit, he's making me lose my mind. Legs shaking, ears ringing. Might end up deaf and blind.
    He's back inside. I realize, this will be over fast. He start to growl, almost a howl. I collapse on the bed at last!.