• moonbird 31w

    Black hearted

    How can u rape 8 year old without any mercy for 8 days.
    Pain and hell she had gone through haunts u lifetime.
    I still don't find answer for these questions when asked by my foreign friend.
    "Why India has highest rapes???"
    "why India has highest ranking in HIV patients???"
    I really feel shame for being an woman (wife, daughter, sister and mother) bearing a girl child as I can't promise her secured society .
    No gender equality, corruption,conservative cultures, political injustice - No change from Delhi women nirbhaya to Asifa
    Work place sexual harassment, molestation in , dowry harassment, marital rapes ,Girl child abortions, acid attacks, students Suicidal cases by sexual abuse and many more. There are infinite victims who have not been filed a cases.
    Teach ur future men to respect, love and care for every other lady or girl same as u do for your mother while teach ur future women to be bold, defensive, dynamic and smart.