• joegeorge 6w

    A scary evening

    One' not so' fine evening few years back , me and my friend were walking to the home after school. Due to some unknown reason ( because I forgot)
    the schoolbus driver dispossed us two stops before our usual one. We were tired and planned to take one shortcut which is less travelled by people. I walked few steps ahead of her in a hurry. Only one could walk at a time through the narrow path. Only two houses were there, separated by a small field with a river by the side.The houses were inhabited but feels like they are not . The gates were closed and the courtyard was covered with wild plants upto the knee length. I knew the house was inhabited only because someone had told me before. Eventhough sun was still there, sunlight barely reached the area because of the treetops that covered the place.I could hear her footsteps behind , the sound seemed little bit annoying. I stopped after sometime and looked at her to tell about how annoying the sound of her shoes is. She also stopped but the sound was still there. We looked around and found no-one. Without waiting even for a second thought we ran to the main road where the driver left us. Still the memory of that evening haunts us