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    Dear Letter,
    I hope you reside now in a warm closet or amongst the heartfelt pages of a book and not torn or destroyed or burnt out of anger or regret.

    I remember how I had then chosen the perfect pages from a letter pad and wrote you using the most colourful pens. You were so understanding. I had some very cliche emotions. You heard them out as if they were super interesting. I added more and more papers to you and you transformed them into memoirs. My feelings overflowed. Afterall you were the first love letter I wrote.

    Secretly decorating you, I sometimes added an extra sticker to make you more expressive. You housed my immature sketches and praised my drawings. I remember how I almost lost you to Mom when I had left you alone in my room.

    It took me 7 whole days to write you. I would stay up the whole night to doll you up. Trust me when I finished you, I didn't want to give you up to someone because you were my Brain Baby.

    I finally folded you and placed you in a handmade envelope and then you reached your destination. You brought the sweetest smile on the face of the receiver. You were a charm truly!

    I wonder how many times you were read!
    Twice, thrice or a hundred.
    But was the wrath of separation tough?
    Pangs of heartbreak still echo through the walls of my soul. I hope you are still warm even if I am cold.

    Yours truly,

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Picture Credit: canva

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