• golden_dandilion 5w

    Life has its moments

    Life is not perfect but it has its moments. The kind where all your worries disappear and your mind is clear from all the muck. For a second but only an instance everything falls in line. The pieces fit together and things finally start to make sense. But that is not always the case. Sometimes in a matter of seconds the world comes crashing down without warning, without mercy, without the smallest sliver of remorse. There are moments we cannot change, take back or forget. There are times when we will question all that we hold to be true. In these moments it is hard to be sure of which way to go, what words to say, on what day, in what way. Too many variables, all of these equations without any answers. At least not the ones we want to hear. We all know the struggle. It never has the same face or name but it travels from door to door selling us it’s lies. But isn’t that the point? Life is not perfect but it isn't meant to be. Life is messy and scary and difficult. Yet I hold on to those moments when everything seems right. I hold on to the times I was able to get some sleep at night. More often than not, this was not the case but there are still victories in the little things. Just the simple little things make the biggest difference. The decision to get out of bed, the courage to open my mouth, the strength to take a single step.  Every breath I took that I took for granted cannot be taken back. For those were the moments that made me who I am today. Perhaps I was wrong. Life has its moments, but isn’t black or white, or anywhere in between. It is a kaleidoscope of color and chaos.