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    Hey buddy,

    You were one of the luckiest people on Earth whom I allowed to pierce through my skin and then directly into atleast some of the deep corners of my heart,that too without knowing anything about you,without knowing if you regard me as a good friend as well.It was injustice with the other people who try so much to win my heart and yet I don't give a damn and then I gave you reservations and you just came into my life....effortlessly.May be I was unfair to a lot other people...may be.But hey buddy,it is neither your fault nor mine;you know?We can trust some people just like that..and some people call this 'just like that' the sixth sense but I don't know what it is!
    I thought we are alike but no we weren't and one cloudy day,I realised you could even hurt me deep....effortlessly again.But then again everytime the phone beeps,I wait to see if it is you making an effort for the first time but no!And then you messaged,and just when I saw that I kept the other messages to wait again...just to watch the long boring video you sent.UNFAIR..eh..again?
    But I didn't reply.I realised it is unfair to be unfair.I realised people should not be allowed to come into our life effortlessly and hey buddy,thanks for all the lesson you gave me.I now know the reason why I need to trust my sixth sense sometimes to LEARN.

    Ever yours,
    Not ME

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    Hey Buddy
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