• my_secret_girl 5w

    Hello mumma (my another mom). I don't want to be your son in law. Rather to be your son. I don't know ever I will be able to tell you these things or not. Mein jab lafzo se bya nahi kar pata toh saamne ye mirakee hi dikhta hai. Today I want to share my deepest feelings with you. Mein shayad Kabhi bol na paau aapse ye saari baatein. Last year on 27th may our families met. But I and saku didn't get good going and we all left on a bitter note. Mumma ko bura lga aap aur uncle bahar nahi aaye ek bar bhi bolne ki time chahiye. Mumma says ki beti ki shadi par pehla hak maa baap ka hota hai. We returned from the meeting place and through messenger I asked saku - Reason for rejection. Getting no reply I went ahead with my best wishes for her. Uninstalled messenger. Deactivated Facebook. With a heavy heart I left this place. With all my land below me shaking, I somehow reached my job place. There was a big change in me during this period. I was another person. A feeling of melancholy was my nature. It was like I have lost someone whom I know since so many years. I was not able to forget saku. But I kept going. With so much of struggles, I slowly started overcoming. In this period I had sakus' pics as my wallpaper too. But with time I lost all hopes. Mujhe lga saku ka reply nahi aaya because she rejected me. I was happy that I met her. But she is so adorable was what I should have told her that time. Time passed. With passage of time, I came back to to my native place for Holi fest.

    Now who knew this epidemic is ready with a blessing for me ahead. Lockdown came into force. I had ben asked to download messenger to play ludo. I did. And what did u see there ? A msg. A msg from saku that was posted in january. She replied me after 7 long months. Seeing her msg I was like in cloud nine. We talked, we shared , we started chatting and went on. Now our love blosseemed ... We were in love .. saku accepted my proposal ... We made frndshp and she is my unofficial wife too.

    We both Love each other . Please accept our love. I cant hurt the lady who gave birth ho my love. I don't know mumma aage kya hoga? But please listen to use. Let us stay together. We Love each other. That time it was arranged , iss time its love .... Let our love win. I love saku so much. Please mumma let us come together. I will wait for your reply ,