• oyinladeeee 9w

    God sees

    There is a point in everybody's life where there is this feeling of dejection, loneliness, hurt.
    It comes with a sad spirit, we want to speak out but we find ourselves holding back because we think no one would understand.
    Most times we doubt the existence of God, we think God does not see our pains.
    But He does.
    Can a potter ever forget about the pot he moulded, would he watch the pot shatter into pieces?? No.
    But you know what the potter cannot avoid doing to the pot he moulded, he can't avoid glazing it to become finer and and better.
    God sees everything we go through, sometimes He puts us to test to see if we still stand for him.
    What we have to do in those times is to trust Him cause He knows that at the end of the day we would come out better.