• amartyachakravarty 22w

    Their eyes met across the room and his knees grew weak,
    While people danced around him cheek to cheek.
    She walked towards him as if floating above the ground,
    Her movements as elegant as that of an angel released off heaven's bound.
    Her eyes were as brown as coffee beans,
    And her smile reminded him of the warmth under sunbeams.
    She came to him and extended her hand,
    And so he took it and lead her to the music played by the band.
    Her hands on his shoulder reminded him of the comforting times that he so dearly missed,
    While her breath on his neck and the aroma of her flesh reminded him of the intimacy that lovers shared, while they kissed.
    And as they danced around the room, eyes meeting from time to time,
    His life seemed to be moving as if in a dance, living along a song's rhyme.