• shailesh_d_one 9w

    My body !!!!!!!!!!

    My body has need,
    N I simply don't greed.........
    Am a human race,
    At times do bleed!!!!!!!!!

    Aren't we all?????
    Part of the same breed?????
    Support each other,
    N lets succeed!!!!!!

    These so called men,
    Wanna always lead??????
    They wouldn't even exist,
    If we don't protect that "seed"!!!!!!!

    You try to force,
    against my will.......
    this is a "Pure" soul,
    please don't kill!!!!!!!!

    Love me the way,
    U "love" your mom......
    I simply said,
    Don't get me wrong!!!!!!!

    Comments on my shape,
    You often make........
    On tryin to accuse,
    We r termed as fake!!!!!!

    Treat us well,
    We r not meant for "Sale"....
    If not "Jail",
    U will surely land in hell!!!!!!